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I loved it

I loved the concept for this animation. It really felt like it was being recorded by a camera, felt like it was like an actual documentary. The animation was smooth, look great and loved the humor of it aswell. I liked the interpretation and idea of the creeper life cycle. You get 5/5 from me, very good job!

The Ending

I really liked this flash, it had a good atmosphere to it, the animation was smooth and clean and you manage to give the audience the feel of the character, but the ending was what i didn't expect, it was funny, it made me giggle, but it should of been something else but furries. You would of gotten more points from me if you made it something serious. But still, good job and I can't wait to see more flashes from you in the near future.


I liked the animation, here is my ratings.

Sound: The raptors sounded like real gentleman should sound and sound quality was great.
Graphics: Very nice details on the backgrounds, The raptors were well drew and I liked the style of the animation as well.
Comedy: I found it funny, and interesting.

I bet this could become a great series if you guys decide to do more Proper Raptors doing more proper things.

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This game was really well done, it felt like a good classic platformer game. Not like those usual casual games you see everyone online. This is a real, true game.

I really loved the art style of this game, along with how you designed the stages, enemies, and characters. Every platform, every area to explore, it was awesome.

The music was fantastic, fitting well with each area, scene, or room. It set great atmosphere in each stage and area.

I have to say, if you we're to sell this game somewhere online for a few bucks, I'd buy it, to support your talents and to have a client on my computer to play without using a browser.

I can't wait for your sequel.

As a game, its fun. But the message could have been something else, or have no message to begin with.

I think its unfair that people are just bashing and raging at you without giving you anything to grow, improve, and learn from. These are *REVIEWS*, not commentary.

To start off, I'm not offended or mad, so don't worry if you think I'm going to go into a hate session.

Message: 1/5
The message I interpreted from the game was "Society is being held back by religion". (I may have misinterpreted your message, but this is what I got from it).
But nonetheless, the main problem is that you're touching a subject that people hold dearly and/or take seriously. Please keep things like religious beliefs and politics out of games, it's offending to some people. People go on newgrounds for animation, art, games, and music. Not to go and discuss religion and politics.

Graphics: 4/5
I liked the pixel art style and how the background had things that you would find in that part of the atmosphere.

Mechanics: 4/5
It was neat that I had to collect things to boost my guy higher to get to the objective before time ran out. It was also fun to dodge the text bubbles. But in my opinion, i think it would've been better if they were planes, asteroids, balloons, or anything found in the atmosphere that can take the place for the quotes given. (I was moving to fast to read most of them anyway)

Music: 3.5/5
The choice of music you used was good! Fit well with the part of the atmosphere you were currently in.

Great.. but a some problems

Overall i liked the game and it was a good concept, it was pretty fun, but i listed some problems below.

1. The arrow moves to fast on the bar
2. Make dug take longer to become powerful
3. I got to the point where slightly off the bottom gives me $0
4. Make Mc sweeny run when doug enters the building.
5. Give us a warning of dug.. Maybe have him as a dark figure near the buildings in the background.
6. Maybe make it so you can hire someone help aid you to defend your ale. (-$? dollars a day).
7. More upgrades, maybe a larger hammer, then a pitchfork and then a rifle?
8. Make it so we can drop the ale if we accidently pick it up.

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This really gets me pumped up... This is the best SSB remix that i've seen and will be my favorite for a long time. If only i could vote 9001 out of 10.

A song for a flash

You should have James lee animate something that goes wit this music.

deserves more than 3

I don't understand how this is under 4, it's an awesome remake.

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I like the series

If you made this into flash cartoons, you would probably get front page a lot :D


It's amazing for a speed paint, it looks a lot like it took years to make it, Great job!


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